Moncton’s Kids Karate

Beat the cold weather and practice Karate indoors.


Paradis Martial Arts offers a Kids Karate program for children ages 6-12 years old.

The goal of our kids classes is to help each child reach their full potential. In our Kempo Karate program, students learn at their own pace. WE DO NOT PUSH BELTS!

In our classes, students will learn a variety of self-defence techniques like kicking, punching and blocking. We also teach anti-bullying methods like how to react to a bully, and not to act like a bully.

Children will also learn to live a healthy lifestyle, enjoy regular exercise and also how to eat well. Eating the right food, will help your child grow mentally and physically – both at home and in school.

We are a non-competitive school, but student do have the option to participate in tournaments.

Free Intro Class

Paradis Martial Arts is offering free intro classes to our Karate program.