Our adults karate classes are back

Kempo Karate program for adults. All are welcome!

Welcome to our Dojo.

Since 1996 Paradis Martial Arts has been offering the best self-defense Kempo Karate system in the world. We have dedicated our live to offer the most effective Karate style possible.
So no matter your age or athletic skills, you can learn how to effectively protect yourself.

You will also learn on how to protect yourself against heart problems , high blood pressure, obesity, and stress!

Our style, Kempo Karate, is well known by its ability to adapt to any situation. A newer approach to the traditional art of Karate, Kam Lung Kempo Karate is a system characterized by its ability to deal with almost any situation, defensive applications and ability to adapt to adversity.

In the face of a physical attack or the stress of everyday life, the philosophy, concepts and principles taught at Paradis Martial Arts make Kempo Karate an ideal system for present-day times.