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Karate for beginners

tthumb4In the last few years, we have had a growing interest in Moncton concerning adults karate classes. The great thing about Karate is that it give adults something unique. At Paradis Martial Arts, we have had students that ranged from 20 years to 76 years old.

Most adults admit juggling one or two jobs, families and all the other stress in normal every day life. Training at the right Karate school offers a great way tho stay in shape reduce stress, and the enormous benefit to take care of yourself. All classes are made to benefit everyone that is participating. All students progress at they’re own pace.

Our Moncton Martial Arts club is in a rural area, that means less traffic. Many adults push for the common goals, and socialize with other people who are taking charge of there lives.

How do you start?

First class is like a small orientation where you will learn a few basic techniques. You will also get familiar with some of the formalities involved in the class, like how bow before and after class, how to address the instructors ext.
Our classes are fun and safe. Our goal at Paradis Martial Arts, is for you to get the maximum from you time with us.

Here is one of our Kicking drills.

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