Pain Pain please go away.
“The art of walking true Hell”
Many times I get asked,

“Why do you train in the martial arts?”
“Why do you let other people put you in some very uncomfortable positions for an hour 3 OR 4 TIMES A WEEK?”
“Marc, aren’t you worried about injuring yourself?’
They say “It’s too expensive, too far, too hard”

Too too too… You sound like a train!
How many times in one’s life do we not feel good about ourselves?
We all put limits on ourselves, like career, relationships, and general health – mental physical and spiritual. This comes from past experiences in your childhood, or experiences later in life. Some people are struggling just to have a happy life from dealing with too much outside stress.
Some of us have been told that we should settle with good enough, or we did not have the proper guidance to better ourselves so we’re just happy with struggling to get by.
Now here is the thing – Hold onto your britches…

The secret to deal with pain is to add more pain.

In a martial arts environment you will be constantly challenged. You will be criticized and told to repeat a technique until you get it right. The kick is that you will be in a room filled with people that are going through the same process. Your instructors will motivate and help you move forward. Not one person in that room is not “struggling”. For every time you say “I can’t do this” there is someone with more experience that you who can show you how you can.
Martial Arts is like a close family, always helping and being there for each other. But don’t be lazy, because you will be ‘strongly encouraged’ to change your attitude! When you train your mind and body to endure, mental, physical, and spiritual discomfort in a controlled environment… Some of life’s problems become more tolerable..

Doing this 3 times a week gives you less opportunity to dwell on your problems, but more skills to deal with them!

A good martial arts teacher can help you get through barriers of the mind and body. This may sound like hocus pocus, but in my experience if you teach properly, you can help people change how they see the world and how they deal with it.
It’s hard to explain why some of us practice and train in martial arts. I guess we understand that most of the time, we are more of a danger to ourselves, than a total stranger. We train to fight our inner demons (believe me we all have them) and our motivation is to help ourselves and others around us.

It also makes life a little bit easier.

This is how you become a Black Belt!