Planing a child’s birthday party 101.

I think we can all agree that organizing you child birthday party is a lot of work.

Well here is a few tips to get you on your way.birthday-party-2


Pin the tail on the donkey “it not expensive and the kids will love to participate”.

Musical chair ” I like to put the same amount of chairs as kids the first time it fun to see the confusion on they’re faces”.

has some great ideas.


Make sure you have healthy snacks ” kids don’t get as cranky if the don’t ingest all that sugar.

Offer them water ‘ Stay away from Soda’s and fruit juice”.


Its you call ” in my experience half the cake goes to waist, blowing the candles is the real fun.

Presents for you guests:

Kids love to create, you can have a crafting table, they can take they’re creations home.

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