The benefits of martial arts for teens.


So I can just sit here and give you the generic version of our Karate and Ju-Jitsu program.



Fitness bla la bla……

Here is my opinion.


A good martial arts school is a positive place to grow.

Students do not get judged by their talent. Hard work respect is the norm.

If you are caught dragging your feet or not trying, you will be notified.

Your goal is to make everyone around you better.

You must treat your training partner like he is more important than you.

Everything is earned not given.

Every time you surmount a challenge the next one is harder.

(The word tired is Blasphemy)!

The definition of failure is try again!

Complaining to much means we will do more!


“Our goal is not to make you a World or Olympic champion. Our goal is to inspire you, so one day you can afford to sponsor a World of Olympic Champion!”

Marc Paradis