Egos in Martial Arts


First off all let’s get this out of the way: if you are easily offended or sensitive in any way, STOP READING THIS BLOG!


Ok all good? Let’s go.


Taking into consideration that every school style or association is different: people are people.

During your MA training you will learn to progress at your own pace. Some of us are not as gifted as others, and that is ok. We can’t all be world champions or the next Bruce Lee. MA is supposed to teach you humility self control and respect. As a martial arts instructor I have seen or heard about teachers who hurt students to prove a point. (Please note that if the student is hurting other students, after being told to take it easy, in my opinion that is ok.) However, if the teacher is just showing off his physical prowess, shame on him! FYI not all Black Belts are tough. (OMG did I say that? Yes I did!)

A MA instructor’s job is to optimize his or her students’ health, not decrease it. In a world of global information, stress, fast pace life style (AND SOCIAL MEDIAL TERRORIST NONSENSE.) People are likely to suffer from information overload about being jumped on the street. So how can someone benefit from a Sensei that is more interested in punching, kicking, and choking their members?

A good instructor is like a good parent. Their job is to show the proper way through his triumphs and mistakes. They want to lead by example, not by “because I told you so.” He or she will make mistakes; you may sometime tap them out, or get them with a good upper cut. They may one time or another teach you the wrong technique. A good sensei will accept these things, because they know you are learning!


*Just a note: MMA is not Martial Arts!*


Marc Paradis