Good vs. Bad martial arts school.


Ok so you are looking to join a martial arts class. Well congratulations, “you have taken the first step into a larger world”.


Which art will you choose? Well here are my recommendations. (By the way I will not include MMA, for the simple reason that it is not martial arts it’s just fighting)!


There are sport arts like Judo or TWD BJJ. Classes are based for one on one situation like tournaments. If you like to compete this is for you.

There are the art based only styles like Aikido Kung-Fu Tai-Chi.

Or you can have the best of both worlds you can try Karate or Ju-Jitsu.


Now the real trick is to find the right instructor or school (stay away from paper mills “schools giving away one belt a month”)!


Some clubs are more aggressive than others, and that’s all good. But is the head instructor teaching method really helping you to be a better person? Find out the teachers background ask questions. See how students conduct themselves in the dojo.

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The goal of the martial arts is self-defense and self-awareness; this is for yourself and others. You should look for a school that respects people the law and all life.

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And if you see this guy. karate kid bad Turn around and go home!!