The 5 year old Black Belt!


Does anybody remember the TV show Dr Doogie Houser? The 12 year old Doctor that would actually practice medicine on people?

That was an interesting program. But we were all aware that it was fiction!


Here is another story which involves fiction. The 5 year old Black Belt.

Martial Arts is a business, some Dojo’s make money some don’t. Like any other commerce the owner needs to keep the doors opened. We as instructors need to pay the bills, just to keep the lights on. This is reality!

Now some schools have full time instructors meaning they teach Martial Arts for a living. These clubs really need a good cash flow.

Enter the 5 year old black belt, now this child maybe started classes at 3 years old trained 3 day a week 1 hour per class. Wow that is great!

Being a parent I understand wanting your child to accomplish great things also being happy and healthy, any normal parent should be this way.

Any respectable martial artist will tell you that someone who has “earned” his Black Belt REALY worked hard. Some testing’s are made to puss individuals mentally physically and yes spiritually to his or her limits. A real Black Belt grading is not designed for a 5 6 7 or 8 year old!! There small minds and bodies are not ready to take that kind of ordeal.

Some schools say that anyone can get a Black Belt! That is true. But not anyone can earn one!

Kids should learn how to play exercise and have a healthy approach to earning something. As far as discipline goes lets all stick to making your bed and cleaning your room.

Now back to Doogie Houser MD.

Would you let him practice medicine on you?

And would you let a 5 year old teach you martial arts?


Marc Paradis