Stress vs Martial Arts!



Taking in consideration that there has been thousands of articles on how exercise can help you and you employees manage stress.


This how we in the Martial Arts, learn how to be more relaxed and productive individuals!


The first thing is stress management.


Were you ever so focused on you job, that nothing was going true you mind? Deadlines, getting it right, a very difficult client? This happens to all of us. But sometime we carry this at home. Now you are stressed about something that you cant control when you are at home! We have all one time or an other been guilty of managing our private lives like we manage our business our  jobs. “Not good”


Now here is a story of one my students, and how we decide to deal with her stress. “True Story”


So Miss X a University professor come to my class for an evaluation for here next testing. This is usually a very positive outgoing person, who give 100% every class.


I notices something was bothering her here techniques were off, and she had trouble concentrating.

So we had a conversation on why she was off that evening. Apparently she had a few difficult students in her class So being the dedicated teacher that she was, it upset here a great deal that she was unable to get the respect she needed to manage her class. This was very hard for her emotionally and mentally.


Instead of trying to tell her how do here job, we did a small exercise “on stress management”.


We did a drill called corner work. The way this works is that the student goes in a corner. She or he must defend against a series of punches and kicks. He attacks are controlled “so no one gets hurt” but the attacks a fast are relentless. The point off the exercises is to focus on the attacker and not get hit. The point of the exercise is to experience controlled failure. Everyone get tagged during this exercise, and its awesome for you cardio.


So after a few minutes off getting punched, kicked and pushed around (with control), she said ‘ok ok stop let me catch my breath‘. So I stopped and asked what was wrong? She looked at me with big old eyes and said, “ you have been using me as a punching bag with eyeballs for about 5 min!


So I asked again what was wrong.  She said.“ I was out of breath my muscles were exhausted, trying to defend myself was almost impossible“.


My next question was “anything else?”.  her “no”, me “you sure?” her, “yes”. me “so this whole problem at work is?”. her “what ?”


She totally forgot about here professional problems!


Martial Arts is not just a bunch of people jumping around in their  pyjamas breaking boards. Its about taking care of yourself and your loved ones!


Marc Paradis

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