Yoga is a lot more than stretching and postures. There are so many amazing benefits to every series of postures that many are unaware of.

Did you know?
1. Yoga is great for stress relief. Yoga is great for detoxifying the body and aids in releasing any stress and tensions that may be built up in the body.
2. Improved Immunity: Getting involved in daily yoga practice helps in blood circulation which improves immunity.
3. Yoga also helps people are struggle with asthma and respiration problems. Practicing yoga gives people the opportunity to take better control of their breath. Yoga involves more than just postures, yoga also can be practicing various breath techniques to help in different situations.
4. Yoga also increases bone density in the body. People may think yoga is just for adults, but yoga can also be very beneficial to children as it it the most crucial years for bone transformation.
5. Most importantly, yoga is amazing for everybody because it helps you live life with positive energy. Yoga helps in making personal connections with oneself. Trusting your body and your mind. Yoga gives you the opportunity to change your whole aspect of life. It allows you to feel regenerated. When your body is cleansed, and your mind is free of everything, you begin to live a much more positive energy. Yoga is a constant release of good vibes.
Get involved with yoga, cleanse yourself, free your mind of negative energy and treat your body like a temple.
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