I added this discussion with Martial Arts s group. it’s a very IMPORTANT SUBJECT! It talks about Choke holds. A Choke is a hold we use in the Martial Arts, to subdue or stop some one that is aggressing you. It is also use in Ju-Jitsu tournaments or sports like MMA a.k.a UFC.

It can be a very dangerous !

I may get a lot of hate mail for this, but I think this is important. “Teaching chokes on the internet”.

It just dawned on me one day, with some of the instructional videos on the net that teach chokeholds.
Do not get me wrong teaching Self-Defense online is a great tool. I am bit apprehensive as a father of two, and a Martial Arts teacher that is instructing children, that this may get out of hand.

We all know that most chokes will stop blood flow to the brain. As a nurse with some experience in Neurology for the last 20 years, I can tell you that a choke that is not supervise properly by a teacher or person, with the proper knowledge, can cause Brain Damage a Stroke or even Death.

What I am getting at is, are we teaching the dangers of choke, or all other holds that can cause serious or permanent damage, to some innocent person?

By the way I am a Ju-Jitsu teacher

Soke-Dai Marc Paradis

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