About Paradis Martial Arts

Back to school martial arts.

About us

Welcome to our Paradis Martial Arts.

Our mission is to offer martial arts that is based on health and Self-Defense.

We are not a tournament orientated school!

Our goals!

– Is to educate the general public in the spirit of Martial Arts.

– Is to offer the highest quality martial arts.

– To teach respect in the community

– To help you archive your goals.

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Moncton Jujitsu & Kempo Karate club.

We believe in non competitive martial arts environnement. You don't need to be the best .. Just the best you! Martial arts will enhance your life in many ways. - You will get fit. - Learn how to deal with stress - A community that works towards self improvement. - And you learn self defense! - The goal is to help our members to get the maximum benefit, from Martial Arts training.