About Paradis Martial Arts

Moncton Ju-Jitsu and Karate classes.

About us

Welcome to our Paradis Martial Arts.

Our mission is to offer martial arts that is based on health and Self-Defense.

We are not a tournament orientated school!

Our goals!

– Is to educate the general public in the spirit of Martial Arts.

– Is to offer the highest quality martial arts.

– To teach respect in the community

– To help you archive your goals.

Tired & stressed out? Looking for a health boost? Then come join us!

Offering self-defense based Martial Arts classes. The original goal of Karate and Jiu-Jitsu is for self-defense. Over the years the arts were refined for the safety of the students. Now people all over the world, are benefiting from years of knowledge of pass instructors. In our class you will learn self-defense tips and techniques to protect yourself and your loved ones. Learning to defend oneself is not just for women and men... Teenagers and kids also need to know how to deal with danger. You will also learn how defend against stress. "We are sometimes our worst enemy". Practicing martial arts will help you fight against physical illness like obesity, heart disease, and chronic fatigue. For more information on Karate and Jujitsu contact us today.