Our Programs:

Kids Martial Arts

Learning Martial Arts means much more than kicks and punches, your child will also realize focus and gain confidence. For almost four decades, we have continuously refined our teaching techniques and developed our programs to come up with the most comprehensive program for your child.

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Kids Ju-Jitsu

Our kids Ju-Jitsu program is designs to help you child grow to be a healthy respectable confident person. Ju-Jitsu involves throws take downs and ground self-defense. It will help the student to defend him or herself against bigger and stronger opponents, using leverage and timing.

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Adult Ju-Jitsu

If you're interested in martial arts focused mainly on ground combat then Sports Ju Jutsu is just one of the many phenomenal programs that Paradis Martial Arts has to offer. Sports Ju Jutsu focuses primarily on grappling techniques and ground fighting.

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